Making Homeschool Life Easier: Chores Plan

It’s Thursday on our last week of Christmas break. On one hand, I cannot wait to get back into the structure and routine of our school days. On the other hand, I am not feeling ready for the time and energy demands of being both Mom and Teacher again in a few days. Two things I have found help immensely in both areas is to have a chore plan and a meal plan hanging on the fridge.

I have tried several things over the years for chore planning. In fact, I have tried several things just this past year alone! My recent attempt at chore management has been breaking the chores into four blocks: mopping day, bathrooms day, bedrooms day, and dusting day.

Each block has four chores listed, one for each of us. One week, we might choose one chore block to complete each day, such as one per day over four days. The next week, we might choose to do two chore blocks per day for two days. I found this helps with time management and motivating the kids to get it done.

The mopping block consists of vacuuming and mopping the tile floors in our house (we have no carpeted rooms). I simply divided up the house into four sections. Each week, the kids can pick which section they want to vacuum and mop. It might take all day for all the sections to get done, so I find it helpful to pair mopping day with another chore block so the kids can complete a different chore while waiting for their turn with the vacuum and mop.

The bathrooms block consists of cleaning the bathrooms, of course! I divided the tasks for cleaning the the hall bathroom, the one the kids primarily use, into clean the toilet & empty the trash can, clean the sink and the mirror, and clean the shower/tub. I clean the master bath and wash towels on this day.

The bedrooms block consists of changing their sheets, vacuuming and cleaning the wood floors in the bedrooms and the study, which we use as our classroom. They are expected to tidy their room and put dirty laundry in the hamper daily. They are also expected to fold and put away their clean laundry as needed throughout the week, as their laundry is not done on a particular day but as their hamper fills.

The last chore block, dusting, is a but more random. They are not the same week to week because some chores do not need to be done that often. The chores are general dusting, cleaning glass throughout the house, vacuuming under couch or the cushions, cleaning cabinet doors that tend to get splashed in the kitchen and bathroom, wiping down windowsills, doorknobs, light switches, light fixtures, fan blades, blinds, etc.

Here is a free copy of the chart I made to hang on the fridge. Feel free to edit it to fit the needs of your household:

Finally, our general rule is that chores and school work must be completed before technology or television gets turned on, usually around 3pm. Sometimes, they are allowed to watch television while they fold their laundry, but I generally find it a great motivator that everyone be done with work before anyone gets to power up a tablet, laptop or TV.

What is working for chores management in your homeschool household? Feel free to share in comments below!

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