Place value pill box

Place value is not a concept that “clicks” for my third grader. We have base ten sets. We have place value coins. We have counters. We have place value stacking cards. But this is still not an automatic skill for her, so we keep adding math tools to her toolbox for her to use to help concrete those place values. Today, I pulled out the place value pill box to go with her math lesson. She loved it.

It is just a seven day pill box with little pieces of index card cut to fit and labeled with the place value title (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions). To play, the student grabs a die from a bag and drops it in each place.

 The student can then read the number aloud. She can identify values of certain numbers (“In 4431, what is the value of the 3? That’s right, 30.”) Or she can identify numbers in certain places (“What digit is in the hundreds place? Correct, 4.”). My third grader loved it, wanted to make new numbers over and over. wp-1491330250345.jpg

My only wish was that I had dice with some blank sides for zeros, but currently just using plain ol’ dice from Dollar Tree.

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