Keeping art and artist study budget friendly

My kinder kid has reached the last few readers in her Starfall curriculum, which happen to be about artists. Today, her little reader was about Vincent Van Gogh. I found this book, Usborne’s Art Treasury, at our beloved library, which contains activities based on artwork of famous artists. 

We are creating a landscape with paints thickened with white glue, and using a fork and the end if the paintbrush to add texture marks to the picture’s clouds, trees, and grassy hills to mimic the texture in Van Gogh’s paintings. 

Libraries have wonderful collections of books on artists, art techniques, and art books especially for children. Keeping art supplies together and convenient helps make art projects easy to start and put away. We use a little metal IKEA cart to cram, I mean store, our supplies in, but a tub in the pantry or shoe organizer over the door works just as well.

 If you don’t have art trays or smocks, grab cookie sheets from the dollar store and men’s shirts from thrift. In July, the back to school sales start, which is the perfect time to stock your art center with crayons, markers, watercolors, paper, colored pencils, scissors, glue, etc. Keep it all handy and easy to access. Making it easy makes it happen.

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