You need these trays

Have you tried the teacher crack dealer yet, a.k.a. Lakeshore Learning? This store is addictive. It’s the worst. And the best. I love it. It’s terrible. You have to try it. All the cool homeschool teachers do it…

Last summer I bought these trays on sale for $9.99. This is the best thing I have ever purchased for our arts and crafts projects. I almost did not buy them. I thought, “What if I never use them? What if they end up gross and I have to throw them away?” I use them all the time. They clean up like new every.single.time, and every.single.time I am so grateful that I splurged and bought them that day. I used them today, in fact. And the dried-on acrylic paint came right off, and there they are, drying on my counter, in their shiny, primary-colored glory.

Regularly, they are $14.99. Wait. Just, wait. They will go on sale again this summer, I just know it. But mine will still be looking like new, so I will not have to buy more. I might, however, buy some of these trays, or these, if they happen to go on sale. I know it will be worth the splurge.

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