Sweet discounted field trips plus extra 20% off on Groupon till 3/8!

Groupon currently has deals for Austin Zoo, Space Time in New Braunfels, and glass bottom boat rides at Meadows Center in San Marcos, all perfect for field trips this spring. Plus, today and tomorrow, use coupon 20NOW to save an extra 20% off! Having these already-paid-for Groupons are incentive to schedule in relaxing field trip days during crunch time at the end of the year, for those days when you just have to get out of the house before you all go crazy with unit studies, read-alouds and unfinished projects. Not that we have ever been there…ha!

Austin Zoo is a non-profit rescue zoo, and often has weekly Keeper talks about the different animals. The zoo is small, but wonderfully shaded, with a picnic area and small train ride that is a couple of bucks. There is also a small snack stand that serves snow cones and other treats. They usually have a Homeschool Day with extra speakers and events in September, so sign up for their email mailing list to receive notifications for their upcoming events.

Meadows Center is San Marcos used to be Aquarena Springs, but now is part of the Texas State University campus. Anyone remember Ralph, the swimming pig, or the scuba mermaids? They are not there, however the glass bottom boats still are, and a boardwalk through the wetlands area and museum/nature center have been added. There is a picnic area on the roof of the museum and picnic tables on the grounds.

Space Time Park in New Braunfels is a new one for us. We will be going there with our homeschool group later in the month, so the Groupon is about the same as the group rate for us. We are told to wear our walking shoes as theĀ solar system model is to scale, and about half a mile from the sun to Mars.

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